Bawley Point

Bawley Point is one of the best shore dives on the south coast with easy entry and exit points. Batemans Bay Dive Adventures uses Bawley Point for our Open Water training. Bawley Points offers an abundance of marine and fish life and is a maximum depth 12 metres which allows for long bottom times. Bawley Point is a great dive site for photography with an array of different marine life. It is best dived on southerly swell and is a great night dive. There toilets are located on the western side of the beach.


  • The turn off to Bawley Point is located 32 klms north of Batemans Bay
  • Turn right at the petrol station onto Bawley Point Road
  • Take this road until you reach a T intersection
  • Turn right onto Murramerang Road
  • Then first left onto Tingira Drive
  • Turn left in approximately 300 metres
  • Turn right onto the dirt track and follow down to the carpark